The Day My Life Changed Forever - Part 3 || I'M MOVING TO AMERICA!

Tuesday February 13th 2018, 9:20AM:

It was the day. I’d N/A’d from work and after a restless sleep woke up before five. I was slightly jittery and my mind was spinning so thought I’d expel my energy with a calming workout – if it works for Khloe Kardashain, it works for me!

The rest of the morning was fine. I didn’t eat or anything but my perfect timing ensured I was able to take it easy and not have to rush. “My life could literally be different in two hours time,” I thought to myself as I made my way into the city.

It helped that I had been there before so knew the gist of the security line and process before you are escorted up to the actual consulate waiting room. I had to nervous pee which meant going through security once more, but that was no problem.

B221 was my ticket. “Damn,” I thought. “If only I was B220 or B222” – as 2 and 20 are my lucky numbers! But it seemed as though 221 would just do the trick.


I was seated next to this really good looking guy who happened to have ticket B220, but picking up a guy was the least of my worries. In the past, the consulate process has taken three hours, so I was prepared for that. You don’t have your phone or any possessions up there, just some water and you’re welcome to read their fishing magazines… thank you!

But to my surprise, it wasn’t a long wait. Anxious or not, I’m that person who can’t sit still. I always find myself tapping my feet, shaking my legs – anything to pass the time. I’d say within about 35 minutes I was called for part one – the non-refundable payment. I went up to the desk, showed my perfect portfolio and went off to pay the $330 fee before returning to my seat.

The next part was the big one. Again, shaking my leg I waited my time and slying watched and listened into other visa interviews and their questions. Not everyone was there for a green card lottery, but some who were didn’t even have all the correct forms and paperwork. I thought to myself, “As if you’re so unorganised, this is a big deal – pull it together!” But somehow, despite not having everything, they still made it through – which calmed me down because I thought “If they’re getting through incomplete, then me with everything there can too”.

When I say interview, it’s more like a bank teller consultation. There’s a window and glass screen between and you just have a two-minute chat. One guy I was watching seemed to be answering all the basic questions right and was granted with his card. He began to cry and couldn’t help but gush over and thank the officer. “Great, she’s in a good mood now,” I thought. “I want her”.

And Murphy’s Law, I got a man who I couldn’t even see nor hear from where I was sitting. Usually they call out your name, but all I heard was 221. I ignored it in case it was A221. Then it was called again, so I got up and headed over to desk one. It was for me and I was thinking, “Shit! He’s had to call me twice already. Not off to a good start!”

There was no smile or warmth to his face, he looked all business. First, he asked what I did for work and where I was currently employed and then it was straight onto my fingerprints and visa issues.

I started telling the story and he said not to worry as it was a stupid thing and meant nothing. Thank God! I then cracked a joke about jail and he laughed. “Phew!” And that was about it. I just needed to organise a police check report and my green card was mine. Simple. That was it. Three years later, I was through!

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 6.23.24 pm.png

I thought I’d breakdown into tears and have this movie moment, but I didn’t – I think I was just overwhelmed and for some reason confused. I collected my bags, went back to the bathroom to nervous pee again and went outside for some fresh air.

My phone had remained off during the interview so when I returned there were so many beautiful messages of good luck, support and love from people. I tried to call my mum first, put she didn’t answer and since Ginger was messaging me at the time, she ended up getting the first call. From there, I broke the news to those who knew I was going for it and spent the rest of the day taking it all in.

It’s been three days since I found out and it still hasn’t sunk in. I’m so happy, excited and have good butterfly’s in my stomach. The next couple of months will be the most challenging time in my life but I’m ready. Join me on my journey from one side of the world to the next. But for now, watch the video below to see my reaction after I found out!

Annita xx