The Shhhh Tattoos that even "A" would Approve Of

It's literally the end of an era. On Wednesday, the Pretty Little Liars cast shot their final scene of the series. After being traumatised by "A" for seven long years, the girls said their final goodbyes and just like the last two weeks, emotions were running high. 

But one day after wrapping the series, Lucy HaleAshley BensonShay MitchellTroian BellisarioSasha Pieterse and Janel Parish reunited at the 'Shamrock Social Club' where they each got their characters first initial tattooed on their famous shhhh finger. 

The girls weren't just bounded by their tattoos, show creator, Marlene King also gifted each of them matching Cartier rings. 

But it's not the end of Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily, Alison and Mona just yet, the final 10 episodes in series 7B begins April 2017.

Can someone please tell me who "A", "UberA", "AD" or whatever name it's going by now is! I can't deal anymore!