#HIDDLESWIFT: A Timeline and The Definition of New Romantics


Compared to past boyfriends, there's something different about Taylor's new relationship with Tom Hiddleston. It's more public and open, yet private and unclear. There is clear photographic evidence, but not from the pair. They may not be hiding away from the paparazzi, but they sure have taken the world by storm as the new power couple take over the world. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know by now that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris A.K.A. #Tayvin, split up early last month. What started of as a clean and mutual break up has turned into one of the messiest that Hollywood has ever seen. As much as I'm Taylor's biggest fan girl and am up-to-date on everything Swiftie related, even I'm getting confused. So to help you and myself out, I'm created a detailed timeline to help digest this critical and oscar winning drama. So go grab the popcorn, it's going to be a big one!

~JUNE 1ST 2016: Taylor and Calvin Call it Quits:

About one week after Calvin’s car accident where Taylor was by his side the entire time, the pair called it quits after 15 months. Swifties truly believed he was the one, myself included. Sources close to the couple confirmed that it was a mutual split, no one cheated – sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be. Calvin even tweeted out a few days later confirming it was an amicable split and that he had nothing but love and respect for Taylor – she retweeted. Little did the world know that this conscious uncoupling would soon endure the messiest and worst relationship hangover that man has ever seen.

~ JUNE 15, 2016: A New Romance:

No one knew what was going to happen next, but certainly no-one saw this coming. While Swifites all around the world were praying for the reuniting of #Tayvin, Taylor had other ideas. Fans completely freaked out when pictures were released of Taylor kissing, hugging, holding hands and of course taking selfies with actor, Tom Hiddleston, just outside her Rhode Island mansion.

~ JUNE 16, 2016: The Hangover Begins:

This is was when the idea of a civil breakup went down the drain. As soon as Harris found out about his ex’s new romance, he tweeted out saying, “it’s about to go down”, and down it went. Suddenly, both Swift and Harris started wiping clean all their social media accounts of one another. Gone was their romantic anniversary vacation shots, presents, dates – EVERYTHING! Thank goodness for the screenshots fans had previously taken which we will cherish forever.

~ JUNE 21, 2016: #Hiddleswift Goes Public in Nashville:

What better way to introduce your new beau to your friends than taking him to your best friends concert. Hiddleswift were caught out by fans attending Selena Gomez’s Revival tour in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

~ JUNE 24, 2016: The World Tour:

No, not the 1989 World Tour (but can we please relive that soon?) – the #Hiddleswift love tour of 2016. Following Nashville, the pair flew to the motherland (England), where Taylor met with Tom’s mum! Yes, already! After England, romantic Rome was the next stop on flight Hiddleswift. At this time, back in LA, a fan asked Harris how he was feeling about everything and he said; “she controlled the media and this situation, I had no idea what was going on. So that kind of makes it a lot worse from my perspective.” A few days later, when Harris was leaving the gym, the paps asked him again for a comment. Trying to avoid the situation, he got into his SUV and reversed – without realizing the back door was still open – slamming it into the cement wall. Poor guy!

~ JULY 4, 2016: The Annual 4th of July Party:

Swift held her annual US Birthday Bash at her Rhode Island home and the man of the hour was Hiddleston, where he seemed to get the tick of approval by the squad. They cuddled, he wore a “I ❤TS” t-shirt, slid down a massive waterslide with the girls, and took couple photos alongside pregnant Blake Lively and hubby Ryan Reynolds. But this was when things got interesting and rumours started to fly and speculate that this was all a publicity stunt and a fake relationship – maybe even a music video like Beyoncé’s Lemonade extravaganza. I have to say up until now, I completely bought that theory and even though I don’t think it’s a hoax, I kind of wished it was just for the laughs!

~ JULY 7, 2016: Next Stop, Down-Under:

As Tom was set to fly down to Australia to start filming Thor on the Gold Coast, Swift decided why not tag along! Maybe it was a good thing to get away from all the LA drama and clear her head and complete her new album (that I’m praying will be out later this year – It’s due for sure!) While Tom went on some runs and awkwardly answered questions about their situation to the press, Taylor was seen surprising some fans at a children’s hospital. Bless her soul.

~ JULY 8, 2016: Olè:

While many thought Harris’s new track featuring John Newman, was about #Hiddleswift, a source did tell PEOPLE magazine that Harris actually wrote it months ago even though some of the lyrics read, “I see online that you’ve begun to be a good girl and take trips with your boyfriend.” Coincidence?

~ JULY 13, 2016: When It Really Went Down – The Truth About THAT Song:

Yesterday we learnt that Calvin’s new song “This is What You Came For” featuring Rihanna, might’ve actually been what pushed #Tayvin over the edge.  For the last week, rumours have been speculating that that Taylor was behind the lyrics and melody of the song which she sent to Harris and went under a pseudonym of Nils Sjoberg on the track. Sources say that the pair agreed to keep the collaboration under wraps until now but when Harris didn’t keep his end of the bargain and announce Swift was featured on the song, her PR team confirmed that she was in fact part of the track. It all makes sense, remember at earlier in the year at Coachella when she went all bleachella and wore that jacket with the song logo on it?

What went wrong? Well on the day the track was released, Harris did an interview on the Ryan Seacrest Show, and said that he couldn’t foresee working with his then girlfriend in the future. “I can’t see it happening,” he shared. Ouch!

But happened next was what got the world talking. When PEOPLE magazine released the article confirming that Swift was a major part of the song, Calvin tweeted;


While the world was happy and grateful and thought peace had had been restored in the world, little did we know what was to come until Calvin elaborated.


And then things started getting a little too real!


And then he played the victim card.


Then he took it to another level and made it 10x worse when he decided it was appropriate to reference Taylor’s alleged long-running feud with Katy Perry.


Thankfully wrapping it up, he wished Swift a great life and left it with...


Thankfully, he finally finished with nice parting words.




Calvin may have stopped there but Katy Perry was quick to respond, tweeting a eye-rolling Hilary Clinton GIF and then retweeting her own tweet from May 2015, “Time, the ultimate truth teller.”



Unfortunately for Taylor, this started a trending hashtag, #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty with haters on team Harris and Perry posting horrible memes, tweets and photos of the end of Taylor. I will not let myself or my future children grow up in a world that is Taylorless – girl I’ve got your back. These are just mean!




And that right there is where it finished – for this today anyway. What’s yet to come, we have no idea. What we do know though, is that this week on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim talks about why she shamed Taylor in GQ magazine. It’s fair to say it’s been a rough and tough week for Taylor, so thank god she has Tom's shoulders to cry on. I don’t wish anything bad for Taylor or anyone, but am hoping that all this drama does make it into a song so once and for all we can work out just what went down. Until then, LEAVE TAYLOR ALONE!