The One With Cara Delevigne at the 2015 Met Gala 


"China: Through the Looking Glass" was this years Met Gala theme. We saw various interpretations in costumes from Lady Gaga's full length kimono inspired outfit (even though that's Japanese) to the likes of Kim Kardashian, J-Lo and Beyoncé who all chose the bedazzled skin tight minimal coverage bodysuit and let me just say, they all rocked it beyond anything ever seen.  Known for going by her own rules, supermodel Cara Delevigne went for a more creative approach to the theme. As a tattoo enthusiast, Cara temporarily tattooed her entire upper half of her body with Chineese inspired cherry blossoms, fans and birds. 


Coming up with the idea herself on Wednesday (just days before the event), she called upon celebrity tatoo artist Bang Bang to create the body artwork.

  Bang Bang, responsible for her infamous 'bacon' tatoo on her foot as well as her highly acclaimed lion tatoo on her index finger called upon 5 other colleagues to assist with the intricate artwork which took 11 hours!   


The artwork was designed using Photoshop and then stencils and markers were used to draw it straight on on the morning of the ball. 

The 'Met Gala', hosted by Vogue Editor Anna Wintour, is known as the most prestigious event on the East Coast. Guests are hand picked by Wintour with only the most well known and A-class celebrities invited. The event raises money for the Metropoloton Museum of Art with tickets reportedly $25,000 each.  

Each year the theme is extremely different from the last. It's nice to see celebrities that think out of the box which is exactly what Cara did and aced it. We all need to be more creative like Cara and just live life by following our own rules!