The One Where Iggy Azalea Got a Boob Job 


All hail Aussie rap queen Iggy Azalea. Her infectious care free attitude and lyrics really have me continually fan girling the bombshell!  As is pretty evident, I can't rap, sing or hold a tune to save my life. But when Iggy appears on a regular basis on my shuffle, I let loose and rap (pretty much just scream out words and move in some sort of wave like motion) like there's no tomorrow. 

Azalea graces the cover of the 2015 Vogue issue where she admits to having breast argumentation surgery four months ago. 

When she was questioned whether there's anything she'd change about her body, she replied,

"I did change something - four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I'd thought about it my entire life." 

Initially planning to keep the enlargement a secret keeping in mind her younger plans but de ides against it as she wasn't into secret keeping! 

In the interview, she also mentions that there was a time she tried to get into modelling but was told to first loose some weight and get a nose job. 

Good for her for making a stance and saying NO! As a society we need to stand up and embrace our imperfections (not that there's anything wrong with her nose and I'm sorry- she's one of the fittest and healthiest women on this planet). 

There's nothing wrong with making changes to our bodies if it makes us feel happy. But next time you do, follow in Iggy's steps, embrace the change and flaunt if you've got it!