The One With the 2015 Grammy Performances - Part 1


It was music's night of night. With a star studded line-up there were high expectations and boy did the night not disappoint! Where do we start. Let's start with the performances. 2015 was the year of unlikely collaborations. We had the known collaborations such as Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett as they sung their Grammy winning single "Cheek to Cheek", but viewers were continually kept on their toes with surprises.

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

Annie Lennox appeared with Best New Artist nominee Hozier for a medley of his song "Take Me to Church" and one of her classics "I Put a Spell on You". We saw 22-year-old Sam Smith not only sweep the Grammy's but sing his heartfelt "Stay With Me" with none other than Mary J Blige, we saw our favourite little Ginger Jesus Ed Sheeran take the stage with ELO, as well as Coldplay frontman Chris Martin with Album of the Year winner Beck to name a few.

It was definitely a more sombre sort of performance show. Ariana Grande sung her new single "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart" which had us again memorised with her incredible range. At the end of her solo with her string section we saw her clasp her fingers to her face showing her genuine nerves but ecstatic emotion.


56-year-old powerhouse Madonna took to the stage to smash out her new single "Living for Love" after teasing her new video on snapchat earlier this week. There were lots of opinions running around on social media about her outfit during her performance and earlier showing her butt cheeks on the red carpet but can I just say, I'm all for it. If you can look that good when you're 56, be proud and own it!


We also saw pop princess Katy Perry like we've never seen her before. Think the Superbowl and now think the opposite. With an opening of a message from US President Barrak Obama and a moving motivational speech from a domestic violence sufferer, Perry did what many artists are now doing and used her performance to raise awareness of the abuse. Belting out her the single "By the Grace of God" of her 2013 album Prism, Perry really owned the stage.


But can we take a moment to just talk about Mr Pharrell Williams. Just when you thought you'd heard EVERY possible rendition of his song "Happy", you were mistaken. Looking like a bell-hop, Pharrell kind of scarily spoke the lyrics of the first verse before belting out the contagious tune. To be honest, it wasn't exactly my cup of tea! But the memes make up for it!


One performance I really loved for the Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney collaboration. They sung their new hit "FourFiveSeconds" and aced it! They put in 100% and really looked as though they were enjoying themselves whilst giving their all. The funniest though was looking through social media where Kanye fans had no clue who Paul was! He's probably more famous than Rihanna and Kanye put together! This made my life!

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 6.18.34 am

But lastly, the performance I want to talk about is from none other than Australian artist, Sia. It was only fitting that the performance was introduced by Shia Le Bouf as he features in her new music video "Elastic Heart". However when I heard that Sia was performing "Chandelier", I wasn't that excited to be honest. I could only assume that she'd be facing the wall and her beyond incredible dancing mini-me Maddie Ziegler would just re-create the music video. I was mistaken and I'm so glad I was. Yes Sia was spotted at the wall of a similar music video set but who was dancing alongside the 11-year-old "Dance Mum's" star???  KRISTEN WIIG! Yes you heard that right, the actress from the hit blockbuster "Bridesmaids". There was however a lot of confusion as to whether the performance was supposed to be funny or serious. I'm calling it as art. Who knew Kristen could dance like that? It's a must watch!


Overall I quite enjoyed the performances. Yes it was a little different not to have Taylor Swift perform as it is an award show after all, but I was quite content with what we got! Definitely a different type of vibe with the performances wasn't as 'poppy' as usual but the surprise collaborations won everyone over and gave us a moment to appreciate the true meaning of the Grammy Awards, the music.