The One With 1989


So why didn't I a self proclaimed Taylor Swift fan blog about my new purchase yesterday? Here's why. I thought I'd wait at least 24 hours to really let the record do the talking rather than my obvious obsession takeover where she can do no wrong! But even waiting all that time, nothing has changed. 1989, he fifth consecutive studio album has done all the talking and once again it's seriously the best piece of art ever been produced.

Argue all you want but music is an art. This masterpiece is simply just musically and lyrically correct. I know from speaking non stop about the arrival of the album and the drop of 'country' from 'country-pop' artist to people, they were convinced the record would either be completely cheesy or a mixture of cheesy with today's common pop topics such as drinking, sex and drugs. But I can thankfully confirm that Taylor has stuck to her storytelling roots and more than ever lets the world into her personal diary.

She always like to change it up too. This time with the deluxe album, not only do we get the bonus tracks but we get 12 personal quoted Polaroids as well as three voice memos. In these voice memos fans are able to listen to the real beginning of track creations. They're acoustic, raw and real.

In today's day and age its a true testament to any artist that writes their own music. This doesn't have to mean completely solely write and create but at least have some input where their name is on the credits. It's so rare and you don't see it often. Keeping traditions alive, Taylor has done this yet again and created and collaborated with some incredible artists such as 'One Republic' front man Ryan Tedder and member of band FUN Jack Antonoff.

I could continue to rave about this album but it'd go on for pages. I'm so content with the final production and can happily and confidently declare that yes, this is the soundtrack of my life for the next two years.


Annita BatliwalaComment