The One Where Taylor Escapes the Woods


Yet again, Taylor HAS DONE IT AGAIN! Today the country turned pop princess released her second single 'Out of the Woods' from her fifth consecutive album 1989 which is set to be released later this month. I know what you're thinking...."The song was released like over six hours ago." I totally understand that this ain't new news. But in my defence, I've spent the last six hours crying out of sadness, heart break, confusion and joy that Taylor DID 'get out of the woods!'

The song has been on repeat ever since its release and in true Taylor style, it's absolutely perfect. The sing-songwriter teamed up with Jack Antonoff from the band FUN to create this spectacular number. It's a new sound for fans used to the usual country strings. It's eery, it's haunted, it's scary and in true Taylor form tells a story of desperation, despair and disorientation.

For about six hours up to its release, hashtag countdowns were trending worldwide and when the long awaited countdown finally ended, the single shot straight up to number 1 on the iTunes chart (number 2 was her last single Shake It Off - #domination) as alerted by one of Taylor's besties  Lena Dunham. 

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Just like all her music, she tells a story from the heart. You can just picture it all playing out. The lyrics tell the story in colour and the music is this beautiful emotional illustration -the two just fit hand-in-hand.

As a self proclaimed crazy Taylor fan, maybe I'm biased by saying this, but seriously, this song is a piece of art that has so many different meanings it can relate to anyone. Taylor is a world class lyricist and performer and if 'Out of the Woods' is anything to go by, 1989 is going to be pure bliss and I cannot wait!