The One Where Taylor Did It Again


Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.20.29 pm It's official people! Album 5 is on it's way! Set to be released October 27 (that's in 68 days), Taylor made the long awaited announcement this morning (7am AEST -  5pm ET) in a worldwide exclusive Yahoo Live Stream event! People from all over the world logged in to join the revolution and be the first to hear the announcements. It was kind of like a massive family meeting with lots on the agenda to talk about.

This isn't the first time the seven-time grammy has announced such a thing. Two years ago she had a similar discussion from the inside of her house via google hangouts! But when you're Taylor, you only get bigger and better! This time hosted from the top of the Empire State Building, not only did she release the first single of her new album but she did a Beyonce and released the music video simultaneously!

The first single called 'Shake It Off' is one that I've been listening on repeat to and dancing to all day long! It's such a catchy and uplifting song. And let me just stop you there and say that you need to watch the video! It's actually the best thing you'll ever see! Taylor makes fun of her cheesy dance moves and dances like there's no tomorrow! You go girl! Just SHAKE IT OFF! It's a new sound to this country superstar who said that this album will be the first that will be purely pop with no country attached to it. Does that mean she won't be performing and attending all the covered country music awards? I hope not - cause she owns them all!

With a major influence for this leap of faith being her recent passion for 80's pop music, what better name for the album than her year of birth! 1989 baby! PERFECT! It's just like flashback Friday everyday with this album detailing that the album cover is a polaroid and that each purchased album will come with additional personal polaroids too!!! I think I'm going to buy 20 to make sure I have them all! It's pretty much a collectables item!

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.08.53 pm

And it doesn't stop there. As a fan who's watched many interviews and videos of Taylor's, she's said countless times that when she gets an idea for a song whether it be a melody or lyrics, she pulls out her phone and sings the random tune into her voice memos. For the deluxe album this time round, we get to hear these original pieces of gibberish as she calls it! So you listen to this original piece and then on the album find the final cut! Is that just the best thing ever!

Obviously I'm just so dang excited and on top of the world right now! The album is already ready for preorder so go do that right away and watch the live stream replay - you won't regret it! Call me obsessive, annoying, weird or whatever you want, but baby, I'm going to just SHAKE IT OFF!