Eating Organic vs Non-Organic - Which Is Better?

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I don’t know about you, but I remember looking up the benefits of organic eating time and time again in my late teens and early 20s - and I don’t need to string you on, so I’m going to put the research as simply as it can be.

If you’re going to eat the skin, try make it organic. If you’re not going to eat the skin, don’t stress.

But the most important part I want you to take out of this post is: EAT ORGANIC ONLY WHEN YOU CAN. Always remember ANY fruit and vegetable intake is better than NO fruit and vegetable intake.


Up until this year I had never lived out of home besides when travelling. Grocery shopping is my favourite thing to do, but with my mum the main grocery shopper, I didn’t usually have a choice when it came to organic vs. non-organic produce.

Growing up, I was lucky to have a mum who ensured I grew up with a healthy relationship with food and was educated on nutition and the benefits of incorporating a fresh foods into cooking. But in Australia the local grocery store (I’m a Woolworths girl through and through) didn’t have an extensive range of organic produce and the prices were drastically more expensive - to a point where it was a little stupid to be buying organic.

Here in the US it’s a different ball game. I usually pay about 0.20c. - $1 max more for organic if I want to go down that route. It doesn’t break the bank. But here’s another little trick I’ve learnt - Farmer’s Markers.

Farmer’s Markets sees the farmers sell their self grown produce directly to the customer. It cuts out the middle man (the grocery store) and in turn, as a buyer, we get a reasonable price - sometimes even cheaper than the non-organic stock in grocery store.

Where I live, there’s a Farmer’s Market that takes place every Sunday rain, hail or shine. I mean, I live in LA - so pretty much it’s just shine!

I’ve gone a few times now and I’m NEVER disappointed. It has everything I need for the week and I don’t know about anyone else, but the atmosphere (and the beautiful flowers) puts me in the best mood.


Again, I don’t have all the funds in the world, so may not splurge on that $2.50 avocado/each every week, but I kid you not, I can do my entire weekly shop for around $20 give or take.

I must also add that I have probably the most bland palate that anyone ever had - so just sautéing vegetables and adding some rice or chickpeas and then dividing that by seven finishes of my week.

Obviously, if you’re adding meat, fish, want a different meal every day etc. your Farmer’s Market trip might be slightly more expensive, but for me, my staples have me covered.

I also like to think of organic vs non-organic like this - spend on the things that benefit your health. These are the things going into your body to assist it in its functioning. I’d much rather buy three $2.50 avocados and have my bill increase to about $30 then to purchase an oily fast food meal that will serve me for one day for $30. But don’t get me wrong, it’s all about balance and definitely enjoy that pizza and ice-cream every once in a while.

My go-to rule when it comes to health is: Prevent Not Cure - Use the food to nourish you from the inside out rather than take those pills later down the track as a consequence for those not so healthy decisions.

And in terms of finances, you’re still winning when you purchase healthy foods. Let’s say I spend even $40 on my food and say it lasts me six days - that’s only $5 A DAY to nourish my body and help keep my insides operating the best they can.

But it’s not about the money, it’s about how you treat your body. If there’s anything I want you to get out of this post is that: any fruit and any vegetable is better than no fruit and no vegetable.

Don’t let eating organically stand in your way from treating your body like a temple.