Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - My Journey To Recovery

There are so many different types of chronic illnesses. Some leave individuals suffering in silence and others are a more common and talked about more frequently.

I’m struggling to place Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) into one party. I think it can be thrown in a bit of both. This is not a story of how I got this unfortunate illness that I don’t wish upon my worst enemy -

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Unable to lose those last kilos? It may be stress!

I was catching up with a friend the other night after a long time. We tend to have very structured catch ups – Life, family, boys, diet/health/weight is the order it tends to go.She was talking about doing everything to lose those last few kilos. You know the ones, the ones that JUST WON’T BUDGE no matter how healthy you’re eating and how much exercise you’re doing.

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Training to Become A Ninja Warrior

If you read the post all about my weekend in Byron Bay, you’d know I always like to do something out of the ordinary for my birthday. Honestly, I think it’s a subconscious yearning for a balance between wanting to hold onto my much-loved spontaneous youth and ensuring the day is special and memorable one. 

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